Cass T. Casper

About Cass

Known as a true fighter in Cook County, attorney Cass T. Casper has more than 10 years of experience in practicing the law and has an unwavering passion for helping people succeed.

Cass has represented hundreds of county and state employees in matters ranging from federal and state lawsuits, Merit Board and civil service commission hearings throughout Cook County, the collar counties, and the State of Illinois, before the EEOC and the Illinois Department of Human Rights, before the Illinois Department of Employment Security, and before the Illinois Public Labor Relations Board.

Cass spent years as a union attorney, managing legal operations from collective bargaining to grievances and arbitrations. When many of his clients in Cook County came to him with similar issues that their current unions overlooked or wouldn’t take on, he saw an opportunity to create a new labor organization to provide superior representation for public employees.

“The Front Line Labor Alliance was a concept that came out of the dissatisfaction from local union members who felt deceived and neglected by their current unions. With the proper team in place, we know we have what it takes to give our members the exceptional service that they deserve. The FLLA might be a new concept but it is filled with experienced people who saw that the ‘old’ way wasn’t working anymore and found a better way to operate.” – Cass T. Casper